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Waterpik® Water Flosser -
Clinically Proven Results
Good oral health takes effort. Traditionally, dentists and dental hygienists have encouraged flossing along with brushing for regular home care. But many know that flossing is not easy; it can be hard to get floss between teeth and then effectively maneuver below the gumline.
But there is good news: Studies show the WaterpikŪ water flosser works as well as dental floss.

A study at the University of Nebraska found that adding a water flosser to toothbrushing was up to 93% more effective at improving gum health than traditional brushing and flossing. Whether they used a manual toothbrush or a sonic-powered toothbrush, adding the water flosser improved their ability to reduce bleeding, gingivitis, and plaque, the common signs of gum disease.

Since 1962, the WaterpikŪ water flosser has been helping people improve their oral health. Its impressive record for safety and effectiveness has been evaluated in more than 50 studies in over 25 independent and university-based research centers. It is clinically proven to reduce the signs of gum disease even in people with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and diabetes.

Clinical Research Summaries Get Adobe Reader
USC Plaque Removal Study - WaterpikŪ Water Flosser removes 99.9% of Plaque Biofilm (PDF)
Comparison of the WaterpikŪ Water Flosser with Orthodontic Tip to Manual Floss in Orthodontic Patients (PDF)
Comparison of the WaterpikŪ Water Flosser to Dental Floss (PDF)
Implant Maintenance with the WaterpikŪ Water Flosser and the Pik PocketŪ Subgingival Irrigation Tip (PDF)
Periodontal Benefits for People with Diabetes with the WaterpikŪ Water Flosser (PDF)
Comparison of the WaterpikŪ Power Flosser versus Dental Floss (PDF)
Comparison of the WaterpikŪ Professional Toothbrush to other sonic toothbrushes (PDF)

If you or your child has braces, then you know the struggles that come with trying to keep them clean. The WaterpikŪ water flosser can help. The new Orthodontic Tip is specially designed for orthodontic appliances and can improve plaque removal around braces. A recent study found that adolescents who used an oral irrigator with the orthodontic tip in conjunction with toothbrushing removed three times more plaque than those who used dental floss and five times more than those who only brushed. In addition, the WaterpikŪ water flosser reduced bleeding by 85% in only 4 weeks.

Implants, Crowns and Bridges
An implant represents a significant investment in your oral health. The WaterpikŪ water flosser has been shown to be safe and effective for people with implants. A study at the University of Buffalo found that people who used a water flosser with a Pik PocketŪ Subgingival Irrigation Tip to deliver an antibacterial mouthrinse, more effectively reduced gingivitis and plaque than those who simply rinsed with the mouthwash.

Are you one of the growing numbers affected by diabetes? Did you know that it may impact your oral health? People with diabetes are more prone to gum disease, even children. In a study at the University of Buffalo that included people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, those who added the WaterpikŪ water flosser to their daily oral care routine for three months had significantly less bleeding, less gingivitis, and less plaque than those who did not use a water flosser.

Why Waterpik?
Nine out of 10 dental professionals recommend the WaterpikŪ water flosser over other brands. That’s because WaterpikŪ water flossers have more research support than any other water flosser on the market. Dental professionals feel confident when they recommend the clinically proven WaterpikŪ water flosser to their patients.

From its development in 1962, by a dentist from Fort Collins, Colorado, Dr. Gerald Moyer and his patient, Dr. John "Matt" Mattingly, a hydraulic engineer at Colorado State University, to 2007, we have continue finding ways to make the WaterpikŪ water flosser better. Whether it is through new, innovative designs or cutting-edge research, our goal is to provide you with a product that can help you have the best oral health possible.