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Why Waterpik® Oral Care?
Why Waterpik® Oral Care? Because, not only did Water Pik, Inc. (first known as Aqua Tec) invent the dental water jet oral irrigator, we have continued to be a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative health care products for the entire family.
Although the name has changed over the years, some things have remained constant at Water Pik; things that are important to us and to our customers.

Water Pik's foundation of innovation is the dental water jet (also known as an oral irrigator). And we continue to build on that base today by staying in touch with customers to learn what’s important in product design, health issues, and future products. We also support dental professionals with professional programs, health information and research.

Concern for our global community is another constant at Water Pik. From reducing the use of paper, plastic, fuel, and energy to reclaiming and reusing materials from manufacturing waste, sustainability is always a priority. Research and investigation is on-going, in an effort to create more efficient case sizes, widen the use of recycled materials, or reduce the thickness of plastic.

Improved health for consumers is where we started and it remains a primary focus at Water Pik. Improved dental care products that allow for better oral health are continually being developed.

Why Water Pik? Because innovation, sustainability and better health are good for us all.